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Career & Technical Education

Career and Technical Education programs offer a sequence of courses that provide students with rigorous content. CTE curriculum is aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare students for further education and careers in current or emerging professions. Students receive technical training, learn employability skills, and acquire academic knowledge that prepares them for the competitive 21st-century workplace and lifelong success after graduating from high school. 

BISD students have career development courses available to them beginning in middle school. In grades 9-12, students have the opportunity to select a coherent sequence of CTE courses under one or more of the career clusters offered in the following areas:

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources; Arts, A/V Technology, and Communication; Business Management, and Administration; Career Development; Architecture and Construction; Health Science; Hospitality and Tourism; Information Technology; Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security; Marketing; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Completing a coherent sequence leads to an endorsement and possibly the completion of a program of study upon graduation. And, many of the pathways lead to industry certifications, which will further prepare students to be more marketable in the workforce. We want our BISD students to be ready for any post-secondary endeavor that they choose!